Biralee IT Cloud Solutions offer business class cloud services…giving you the freedom and flexibility to quickly access programs, data, software and applications over the internet, or on a private network, rather than having them downloaded and stored on your physical computer.

With Biralee IT’s Cloud Services you can…

Gain flexibility:

Streamline your IT management and costs. Choose how much to use and when. Services range from data storage, software applications and anti-virus protection. Track your costs, optimise performance and conduct forecasting for future use.

Access a pool of computing resources:

Gain access to servers, remote desktops, hardware, storage, backup and applications that are provided as-needed from the network, eliminating the need for additional on-site equipment and maintenance.

Easily scale operations:

You can quickly scale up or down your operational needs and data storage capacity to suit your workload. Easily pop up a new office or easily add staff to an existing office.

Collaborate efficiently:

With a range of the latest communication and collaboration tools to choose from, employees and contractors get full access to emails, share calendars, upload and share files to make collaboration easier.

Work anytime, anywhere:

With the freedom to work from home, with your customers, travelling or in the office when connected to the Internet – using business-grade applications.

Our Cloud solutions include:

  • Hosted Exchange
  • Hosted VOIP
  • Hosted Servers
  • Public/Private/Hybrid Services
  • Cloud PC backup
  • File Synchronisation & Storage
  • Website hosting, within Australia.

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