IT Support


IT Support

Having quality IT support for your business is often easier said than done. You need a quality IT partner that is able to provide a superior level of service from level 1 technical support to account management. Since 2001 our customers have experienced:

  • Fast, responsive and efficient response to their IT issues
  • Friendly engineers that provide the “personal touch” which is just as important as technical expertise when it comes to IT support
  • Technology and practices that are up-to-date with the latest technology trends to enable their businesses to remain competitive.
  • Professional, enterprise grade IT support with procedures and processes that would normally only be found in large corporate IT departments ensuring their IT systems remain up and running

Our customers are attracted by our exceptional level of customer service and trusts us in providing them with the support and advice over a long term relationship.

Our IT support solutions

Biralee IT is able to provide custom IT support services and solutions to allow your organisation to focus on its core business.

  • Cloud solutions
  • Infrastructure planning and design
  • Virtualisation
  • Network
  • Data storage and backup
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity planning
  • Capacity planning, IT health checks and reporting
  • IT security

IT Service Desk

The Biralee IT Service Desk allows Australian companies with national or international offices to consolidate their remote IT support into one team accessible anytime, anywhere – Saving you money, time and management overhead

Australian Based Support

We operate out of Melbourne Australia, providing support on clear, dedicated and lines and sophisticated remote technologies. All the benefits of outsourcing without the downsides of offshoring.

Flexible, scalable response

Great as a stand-alone support team or an addition to your existing in house IT team, we can scale your technical staff “on demand” and as needed with little effort A wide range of skills – From virtualisation to system monitoring, you get access to our expert team, with skills development from supporting leading medium and large organisations

  • 1st/2nd Level user Support
  • 24/7 service desk
  • 18 years’ experience providing superior service desk to Australian corporations
  • Support critical systems
  • Online access to logging and tracking system
  • Guaranteed response times based on severity

Looking for a First-Class IT Support Provider?